Turn your intentions into actions with the fitbug orb

Have you challenged yourself to live a healthier more active lifestyle? If so, you certainly have the right intentions — but what are you missing?

Good intentions often need a ‘subtle nudge’ to develop into actions. And actions take effort! Having a platform which provides a summary of your progress is motivating and it reassures you that all this effort is actually worth your while.

The Fitbug Orb measures the amount of movement you make throughout the day. It is small, sleek and easy to incorporate into your daily routine.


In reality any activity tracker offers a step count, total distance, and a calories burned summary… at least in some shape or form. The Fitbug Orb is on average £100 less than other fitness trackers on the market and provides the user with an easy to use app (Apple store link here) to make goals, track activity and monitor sleeping patterns. On top of these functions, the app acts as your own digital coach providing you with that ‘subtle nudge’ I mentioned earlier — turning your intentions into actions so you can see results.

It can be worn on the wrist or clipped to the body… I recommend using the clip for the most accurate step count. For only £49.95 ($49.95 CAN) the Fitbug Orb will help you facilitate a healthier, more active lifestyle, targeting those who are just starting out.

For me – the Fitbug Orb was a bit too novice to add value to my lifestyle and competitive goals. If you are training for sport and looking to measure speed and anaerobic thresholds, than the Fitbug Orb is not for you.

For tips on how to fit more activity into your lifestyle – click here.



2 responses to Turn your intentions into actions with the fitbug orb

  1. katie

    Is the fitbug lit up all day as the light on mine won’t stay on and nothing displayed on screen. Is this what I should expect?


    • allisonloosley – Author

      Hi Katie! Sorry to hear. Have you already paired your fitbug with your tablet/smart phone and have the app all set up? Or is this what is causing some difficulty? Happy to help. If you have the app already – check out the help section for some advice as well x


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