Happiest when I have a race to train for and an adventure to set out on…. from Rower, to Marathoner, to Triathlete, to the iconic Ironman event… I write about my experiences and try to provide helpful tips when ever I find something that works for me.

It’s been a journey: When I was a rower I would tell people that I’m not a runner. When I got into running, I couldn’t swim. When I learned to swim, I got into triathlon. As a triathlete, I would say there is no way I am crazy enough for an Ironman… and here I am.

I don’t always nail my priorities but overall I’ve found a strange balance between learning new skills, competitive training and normal life stuff.

When I started Live Loosley, I tried to identify with the fitness/ health and wellness industry; but it doesn’t accurately reflect my ethos… I’m just a girl, with a competitive mindset, who needs an outdoor active outlet, who loves to travel and eat good food, and who enjoys writing about it.

Racing history… 

  • 2008-2012: Varsity Rowing – Ryerson University
  • 2013: First Marathon (3:55) – Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 2014: Learn to swim > 25m
  • 2015: Half Ironman (5:50) – Zell em See
  • 2016: Thorpe Park Sprint (1:21 – First Podium)! + Crewed Race Across America (6 days 6 hours)
  • 2017: Marathon (3:55) – Brighton, England
  • 2018: Ironman (12:46) – Mont-Tremblant, Canada
  • 2019: Infinity Half Triathlon Peñíscola in May and the Amsterdam Marathon in October!

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