Live Loosley is the platform I use to share my experiences, lessons learned and tips on active living and healthy balances… with a competitive twist.

Growing up in Canada I was surrounded by sport and I always wanted to be athletic. Unfortunately, I was one of the smallest in my class, I was totally uncoordinated, and I had zero muscle when I was younger. Needless to say, I never made school sports teams.

But that didn’t stop me; I joined any team that would take me… I curled, played baseball and joined a cross country team (all of which didn’t have try-outs). After some time I grew, I started to learn coordination (still not mastered) and finally gained some muscle.

I learned that small lifestyle changes and dedication can get you places… and I’ve been exploring this concept ever since.

I’ve gone from curling in grade 9/10 to making the school soccer and volleyball team in my final year at high school. I started university and went from a novice rower to the captain of the women’s varsity team. Now I live in London, England where I started running long distances (marathon in 2013) and racing triathlons (finishing a Half Ironman in August 2015).

I love being active, I love the feeling of setting and achieving functional goals, getting out of my comfort-zone and learning as I go. Most importantly, I love competing.

I share my experiences and post about training, racing, nutrition and keeping a healthy balance.

I hope you enjoy!

Allison Loosley

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