Staying fit over the holidays

The days are short and there are loads of social engagements during the month of December. Between Christmas parties, family meals and gatherings the holiday period can leave us feeling overfed and sluggish.

In England, celebrating the holidays is a motion that lasts the entire month. It’s always difficult for me to find the right balance.

I have to remind myself that the priority during the holidays is sharing time and creating memories with people you care about. Time at the gym will have to take the hit and that’s fine. But I do have a few tips that will help you to stay feeling fit through the festivities.

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Finding balance during the holidays


At this time of year, it is tough to keep motivated. December is a month of Christmas perparation and celebration, dark mornings/ evenings, cold weather and social events gallor! A fun time of year, but a difficult one to keep on top of your healthy habits.

I have come to terms with the fact that you simply can’t do EVERYTHING… goals need to be adjusted and expectations reset.  My training has been cut down and shifted around social events, healthy eating has been a ‘best endvours’ type of approach (no use setting unrealistic goals and feeling guilty all month!) and as for the cold dark days… well, that is something you simply can’t dwell on as it is out of our control.

I hope everyone has been able to find their balance – it can certainly feel like a struggle, but placing effort on finding this balance makes all of the difference during the holidays.

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your holidays and remember — from today onwards, the days start to get longer again!

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