Buddy Up

Live Loosley and Dan Can Greeper Laces

No matter what your fitness goals are finding someone to train with can make all the difference.

Buddy up and challenge each other!

Learning to Swim

Welp. I have been swimming for 5 months now and have seen such a huge improvement since I began… I mean that isn’t too surprising considering my first time doing lengths in a 25m pool consisted of 2 laps and a minute of rest before going at it again. I was uncomfortable and stiff, and I totally didn’t understand why anyone would put themselves through such an activity time and time again.

I’ve made an effort swimming once a week and have finally gotten comfortable and more relaxed in the pool. I’m not swimming fast or far but at least I am enjoying it. Committing to a Triathlon in 2015 seems less impossible than it did 5 months ago.

Saying goodbye to my first road bike

I have always found it difficult making the decision to start a sport that requires a big investment before you can even get started – cycling is definitely one of them. Last year my boyfriend decided for me and I couldn’t be happier he did. This bike was my Christmas (and birthday) gift and today I am saying goodbye. I had a great first year getting familiar on the bike and with the roads here in England. It’s funny how attached you can get to material items… I’ll miss this bike.


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