Visiting London? Check out Sky Garden

Sky Garden

This is the view from Sky Garden, a top the Walkie Talkie building at 20 Frenchurch Street. I highly recommend visiting. It is considered a public space and as such, it is free entry. All you have to do, is book a time slot for the elevator.

If you’re a Londoner or you’re visiting London – visit the highest garden in central London (Click here to book). Experience a stunning view of London without the hefty price tag.

Dan and I visited Sky Garden last weekend. We booked a time slot for sunset and spent 45 minutes up there wandering around and taking in the view. The atmosphere was really uplifting. We were feeling homesick at the time and needed a pick-me-up. Sky Garden offered us appreciation for having the opportunity to live in such a beautiful city.

London is beautiful at any time of the year, but when Spring roles around London isn’t just beautiful, it’s bursting with energy and opportunity. You can feel the energy build as the weather becomes more mild and the day’s get longer. Every Londoner comes to realise that the dark cold winter is coming to an end and we can finally entertain the idea of British Summer Time.

Back home, Spring can be long season… the shift from -20 to 30 degrees celsius is obviously going to take a while. The increase of day light is more gradual and there is uncertainty that winter is actually over or if we’ll have one final cold front.

In England, Spring is like a light switch – all of the sudden, winter is over. And we’re certain of it.

No time to dwell on our homesickness, Summer is coming and we have a lot to look forward to – traveling, racing, training, day-trips, park life…

A view from Sky Garden

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