What to expect when you’re new to running

This post is dedicated to everyone starting to run or even just considering it, but especially dedicated to my Mom who I am so proud of! Mom started running in June this year and has worked her running time up, step-by-step at her own pace.

Here are my tips to beginner runners… what to expect and why you should give it a go!


Don’t expect it to be easy

If you’re new to running or it has been a few years since you last ran, than you shouldn’t expect it to be easy… and that’s OK! Your first run, your first week, maybe your first month of running will be a challenge. But like any challenge, when you stick it out and complete the task it is extremely rewarding.

DON’T compare yourself to others

It doesn’t matter what your pace is; the fact that you put on your running shoes and are making an effort is all that matters.

Walking is OK

You have to start somewhere! Beginner running guides such as Couch to 5k (C25K) are great. You start with a combination of running and walking and slowly work your way up.

find a running buddy

My Step Dad, Peter (@WheatPete) has been such good support for Mom. It’s aways easier to start something new with someone you know and feel comfortable around.

I personally started learning about individual fitness goals in my final year of high school. After a recent growth spurt I was determined to make the volleyball team so I could spend my final year of high school on the same team as my two best friends, Kellie and Amber. To make the team, we had to be able to reach a certain level on the beep test (Vo2 max endurance test), do a certain amount of push ups and at least one pull up. In June 2006 when school let out, I couldn’t do any of those… all I had was uncoordinated height.

By September that year, I was running 5k nearly every morning, able to do 30 push ups and could do 3 pull ups. It was the first time in my life I had made a goal, figured out how to achieve it and trained for it… my athletic lifestyle began to spiral out ever since, and I wouldn’t have done it without the challenge being presented, or the support of my friends at the time.

Be Prepared to get the running bug

Keep track of your progress. You don’t need any fancy technology to do this (though there are many great running apps and GPS watches out there), you can simply track your progress on a calendar or in a notebook. If you stick at it, you’ll see how much you are improving and it is extremely motivating. This is how you get the running bug.


Over the next few weeks I’ll post a bit more about running – preventing injuries, best practices and how to gear up in the cooler months.

7 responses to What to expect when you’re new to running

  1. allisonloosley – Author

    Great tips Allie! Your Mom and I are headed out hoping for a new record run this morning. We haven’t ramped it up fast, but in June a one minute run nearly killed us both… went yesterday and got her to buy some cold weather running gear, to keep at it all fall and hopefully into winter. We are SO much healthier, and your Mom looks GREAT! Thanks for your inspiration. You are AMAZING! @WheatPete


  2. Sheila

    Excellent blog Allie; onice again! You are an incredible inspiration, and Peter is an amazing friend, running buddy, supporter, and driving force. I don’t think I would have run 25 minutes today without him by my side. Or realistically, he is way up in front and him yelling back to me ….. Give me two more minutes …. #crackthewhip.


  3. Keep it up girl! Loved this read it hits home on so many levels for me. I’m getting back into running slowly but surely. I can’t wait for that day that I can run for miles and feel that release.


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