What you need to know about ClassPass

Until ClassPass came along, my Class-IQ was very low. My fitness class experience was limited to a few yoga classes… I had never been spinning, never saw the intrigue in barre, and I never took Pilates.

It’s not that I had anything against taking fitness classes… I just thought they were over priced and it wasn’t clear to me what I’d get out of it, so I got used to doing things on my own.

ClassPass costs £79 ($99 CAN) per month and you can take an *unlimited amount of classes. This is what got my attention… for £79 I can take as many classes as I like… so if I take upwards to 15, than each class will only cost £5.26… that’s a bargain, and I love bargains.

I did go a little crazy with ClassPass to ensure it’d be a bargain… but as a result, I’d say my Class-IQ has sky rocketed. Here’s a summary of my experience: the pros and cons of ClassPass, and a list of my favourite classes around London.

PRos and Cons of ClassPass

If you’re like me and you’re not sure what fitness classes you’ll like, ClassPass is the perfect way to test out a variety of different classes/ studios/ instructors, with minimal commitment. You’ll quickly realize your preferences.

As soon as you’ve formed your preferences, you’ll feel a little restricted by ClassPass. It is *unlimited classes for the month, but the caveat is you can only visit the same studio a maximum of three times.

+ It is a very luxurious way of keeping fit… Some of the boutique studios you will have access to via ClassPass are absolutely stunning. The locker rooms alone are almost worth a visit.

+ Almost all classes are full body workouts. It is a great way to feel balanced.

I attempted to ‘make the most’ of ClassPass. I took 4 to 6 classes a week… and with every class being a full body workout, it felt like a bit too much/ not very targeted. I also ended up not running or cycling much… my bargain hunting got the worst of me.

+ The ClassPass app is amazing. So easy to use and it makes your fitness schedule extremely flexible. I got in the habit of carrying around tights and a sports bra in my hand bag just in case I wanted to pop into a class later. This was one of my favourite aspects of ClassPass.


Barre @ TriYoga with Phillipa Peak

This class surprised me. It ended up being my favourite drop in class. All you need is your tights and a top, you can easily fit this class in between plans and you definitely feel it the next day. I thoroughly enjoyed Phillipa Peak’s style as well – not too dancey (which I prefer).

Fierce Grace Hot Yoga @ Fierce Grace Primrose Hill with Mark Oram

The people at Fierce Grace are so welcoming, you’ll feel comfortable and challenged no matter what your level of experience. Bring lots of water and a towel.

Ride @ 1Rebel with Jamal Kurdi

This studio is my all time favourite. And Jamal’s spin class, is by far the best I have experienced. 1Rebel will provide you with cycling shoes and a bike number before your 45min Ride class. You ride to the beat of the music and push yourself to new limits. Tip: don’t forget your assigned bike number.

TRX Resistance @ Core Collective with James Pisano

TRX classes are a good workout and the TRX bands also help you maintain good form. James will teach you proper form and show you how to use the TRX bands to build up those muscles in a controlled and challenging way. If Core Collective was closer to work, this Resistance class would be have been a more regular occurrence for me.

The Sunday Session @ Box Clever with Jamie Wilson

The Box Clever studio has all the Hollywood boxing club stereotypes – it is such an fun atmosphere to workout in. The Sunday Session is a mix of high intensity circuits, boxing, suicide sprints etc… Jamie leads a good workout and keeps you on your toes throughout.

I ended up cancelling my ClassPass after a few months, but I do miss it. If it cost a little less per month for only 5-8 classes or something, I’d sign back up. I do miss the atmosphere, expert advise on form and convenience of it all.

But for me, it’s time to spend more time swimming, cycling and running again. Year two of triathlon, here I come!




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