Street Food Scooter Tour, Vietnam

3 Days in Ho Chi Minh City for work. Must see more than the airport, office and hotel.

If you’re on a tight schedule and want to experience the Vietnamese culture – book the Foodie Tour with XO Tours. I was with my colleague from Hong Kong, who I had just met. Our XO Tour guides were two very cute Vietnamese girls. They picked us up at the hotel and drove us through the extremely chaotic streets of Ho Chi Minh.

There were scooters everywhere – a constant flow of traffic from all directions. It was definitely unnerving being on the back of a scooter with a tiny Vietnamese women who was about half the size of me. While on the scooter she told me that she had to learn how to drive on these roads. Could not even imagine.

At the first stop, we joined a group of about 10 others and enjoyed a thirst quenching beer. We were served Pho and got to know the group.

The tour lasted 5 hours and we were brought to five different areas where we learned about the cities history and street food hot spots. We ate frog, goat, fertilised duck eggs, and some delicious sea food – the lot.

It was such a good experience… Can’t say I’d eat fertilised duck eggs again but everything else was actually really amazing.

My favourite part of the tour was beating Sin in the Chop Stick game they put on for us. Obviously I took it too seriously, but a wins a win!



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