Ironman Mont-Tremblant

The Ironman. A triathlon of ridiculous proportions. Swim 3.8km, Bike 180km and Run 42.2km.

Leading up to the race I knew I had to take training seriously. I worked towards those distances without really taking a step back to appreciate how far it really is. It’s been over three months since the race, and I have been SO LAZY lately. If I had to race an Ironman in my current condition – I don’t think I’d be able to finish it.

So now, I look back and I am amazed that I did it. 226km in total… Just me, my goggles, my bike, and my runners.

To summarize my experience, I would say it was a long day out and an emotional roller coaster.

The high’s are so high: you see your family cheering you on and you have these realizations that you’re going to do it.

But the low’s are really low: you’re out there on your own with a long stretch of road ahead of you and you think to yourself “why did I sign up for this?”

I cried twice and I barfed once… But to cross the finish line…. well that was the best feeling ever.


Total time:  12:46:02
Age group rank:  36
Gender rank:  182
Overall rank:  978

More on the highs, the lows and the barfing below…

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