Why I disagree with the notion of setting a New Year’s resolution

I am a true believer in setting goals… But I’m not a big fan of setting only one goal for an entire year… Why? Well, they are harder to track and easier to let things slip. The notion of a New Years resolution is amazing and I’m all for it in a sense, but it’s difficult to set a realistic goal that is achievable yet still challenging and have it last for an entire year.

So what’s my approach? Check out these five simple steps to setting and executing your goals:

1. Set a few goals… Short and long term, and be specific.

2. Tell someone… Make yourself accountable. In fact, the more people you tell the better.

3. Plan your execution… How are you going to achieve your goal? Write it down and prepare yourself for a change in habit/ routine.

4. Act… This is the hardest bit. Remind yourself why you made these goals and do something about. Trust your plans and go.

5. Track… Keep a log of your efforts and revisit your progress after a few weeks/ months. You may need to reset your goals and make them either more realistic or more challenging.

What are your upcoming goals?

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