Goal Setting


I have a lot of exciting goals this year — I honestly can’t even wait to start working towards each and every one of them. I’m listing them here to make myself accountable and to remind myself why I set these goals in the first place. When I get in the thick of things, I’ll reference this post to keep myself focused and energized.

Here they are… 

Triathlon. Here we go!!! This is the goal I am most excited for. I am a retired rower, a one-time marathon runner and a recreational cyclist… and in 2015, I plan to jump into the sport of triathlon. By the end of the year I want to complete a Half Ironman (also known as a Middle Distance Triathlon). My Plans to get there: work with a coach, join the Tri London Club and most importantly, train.

Stretch. I commonly skip my cool down and rush off without stretching after a workout. I spent 2014 battling shin splits because of this horrible habit. This year, I plan to wake up earlier and/or not make plans to rush off to straight after a workout. My plan b for an ‘off day’ is to take at least 15 minutes in the evening to stretch.

Balance. A very vague goal but an important one. I tend to get overly focused on the athletic goals that I set for myself… a bit too competitive maybe. I want to make sure that I place importance on finding a balance between work, training and racing with socializing and traveling.

More Fruit + Vegetables. Dan and I tend to eat 4 portions of fruit or veg a day… on a good day, 5-6… on a bad day, 1-2. Lately we have had more bad days than good… I reckon the cold weather doesn’t help!! Goal for the Winter is to have more good days than bad when it comes to our fruit/ veg intake. This will mean lots of fruit filled breakfasts and warm veggie soups for lunch and dinner. Come Spring/Summer, the goal will be to eat at least 5 servings a day.

Project Management Accreditation. I’ve been in a Project Management role for two years now with no previous experience. When I started, it was very much a ‘learn-as-you-go’ kind of approach. Now that I’ve got my way of doing things, I want to compare it with a proven methodology and see what I cant take away from it. Exactly what methodology to learn is the next question… PRINCE2, PMP or Agile?

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