Electric Muscle Stimulation Training

Have you ever heard of EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) training?

Well the guys over at Exerceo Training got me suited up for an EMS workout and taught me all about it.


Meet your trainer

Nooroa at Excerceo was energetic and professional. He’ll seek your goals, learn your weaknesses and strengthen them. The session can be as intense as you like but he does have a way of coxing you into more, making sure you get the most out of your workout.

Suit up

Your workout gear involves an EMS vest, trousers and sleeves around your biceps and calves.

All you need to bring to your session is a pair of trainers. No need to lug around a massive gym bag.



First you’re asked to define the intensity of the electrical sensation… Nooroa plays with the nobs on the EMS unit and it sort of feels like you’re taking part in a mad scientist’s experiment…

Once you find the intensity that suits you and suits your goals, you’re off! The workout I took part in was full body – targeting a variety of upper body, lower body and core focused exercises. Nooroa leads the way and fits in a series of short breaks.

As soon as you get used to the electric stimulation sensation, it feels strange when you have a break and your muscles go back to their normal state… and right when that happens – bam, you’re back on again – muscles begin to contract and your break is officially over.

A workout with Exerceo will span 25 minutes – so it’s a perfect way to fit in a full body workout when you’re time is limited. You definitely leave knowing you’ll be sore the next day… and the day after. When you’re looking for results, this is the best feeling.


so how does ems work?

The electrical impulses are generated by the EMS unit and delivered through electrodes which sit near target muscles areas. The impulses cause your muscles to contract, simulating a natural contraction stimulated by the brain.

The concept of EMS isn’t new, it has been around in the world of rehabilitation and recovery for many years… What is relatively new (or at least newly accepted) is the concept of using EMS for training and toning.

For EMS recovery and rehabilitation, the EMS unit creates a comfortable tingling sensation. For EMS training, the electrical sensation is more pronounced as it demands more from your muscles.

EMS training is currently more widely accepted in European countries than North American.

EMS Training

Dependent on your goals, this can mean many things: injury prevention and/or recovery, performance training working with fast twitch muscle fibres, strength training without the heavy load on your joints, fitting in a full body workout when you are tight for time etc… there are many reasons to give it a try.

Exerceo give a free trial for your first go – if you’re in London check them out!  IMG_0030


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