Week 2, Sugar Free

IMG_0016During Week 1, I put effort into preparing healthy sugar free snacks, lunches and dinners. Our whole household went sugar free so we worked together to set ourselves up for a successful week.

This week we were much less prepared… lunches were mapped out for the first half of the week but because of some conflicting evening plans we did dinners separately. My snacks in Week 2 were limited to fruit and assorted nuts. My dinners were sporadic as I was often out in the evenings, so I ate very random bits and bobs by the time I got home… like goat cheese or almond butter on rice crackers.

By Thursday/ Friday my diet was limited to lattes, oranges and chips (fries). NOT HEALTHY… but sugar free…

I’ve gone into the grocery store and opted out of buying a pre-made salad or soup for lunch because I saw sugar was on the ingredients list. So being this strict for the purpose of being sugar free, might not be the healthiest option for me.


The idea of strictly going sugar free, is to crave sugar less by adjusting your palette to more ‘bitter’ flavours. Like I mentioned in last weeks’ post (here), just as our palettes have been conditioned to crave sugar… we can condition our palette’s to crave it less.

For me, I feel like I can definitely notice a difference in taste. I couldn’t in Week 1, but by the tail end of this week I think it has started to materialize. This week I slipped up and accidentally had a bite of something with sugar in it. As soon as I ate it, the sweetness was surprisingly overwhelming.

Since moving to London I’ve increasingly been developing a ‘sweet tooth’ and look for something sweet after dinner. Since cutting it out of my coffee earlier this year and out of my diet over the past two weeks, I think I am slowly chipping away at these cravings. We’ll see how I fair with one week left of The Sugar Free Challenge.

Next week I’ll share a few of my favourite sugar free recipes and whether or not I’ll try to keep up the effort.


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