Aquabase HIIT Class #Floatfit

Aquaphysical Live Loosley

Since Ironman 70.3 Zell am See, I’ve felt a little lost. This was my last race for the year and my main focus for months…. so now what?

It’s such an anticlimax when your ‘big race’ is all of the sudden over. You cross the finish line feeling motivated and excited for the next race, but then there isn’t one… I’ve experienced the same thing with rowing; all of the sudden the season is over and you have time and energy again. If only I knew what to do with it!

Before I jump back into goal setting and training towards something, I think I’ll learn to enjoy this thing called ‘time’ first. My true challenge will be finding a healthy balance without a race to work towards. This Aquaphysical class was the perfect kick start for me.

IT WAS HILARIOUS – a 30 minute HIIT class on water.

We were either laughing, smiling or sticking out our tongue trying to balance for the entire class.

Aquaphysical Live LoosleyIf you’re also taking a break from your summer sport I would definitely recommend a class like this — Remind yourself that you don’t need to take fitness so seriously all the time.

For triathletes, going to a pool might not be your first choice for offseason cross training but when it’s a class like this, it was like showing the pool who won… it didn’t break us and to prove it, we’re going to show off and have fun. Or maybe that’s just the way I think??

Unfortunately for me… the Aquabase won. If anyone was keeping score (not that I’m getting competitive or anything…) it’d be:

Pool – 0, Allison – 1, Aquabase – 2.

Aquaphysical Live Loosley

The Aquabase is a responsive mat that highlights any imbalances in posture and strength, suddenly making movements much more complex.

Be prepared to get wet because no body makes it out dry.

You start the class by slipping into the water and climbing up on your board. As soon as everyone is up on their boards, you’re instructed to do jump squats and all sorts.

30 minutes doesn’t sound like a long time but you’ll be glad it’s only 30 minutes by the end. The workout is tough. Nothing is stable and the waves created by everyones movement makes your platform even more unpredictable.

Throughout the class, if it’s not you that fell in, you’ll be hearing crashes and splashes constantly! I think there was a fall within the first 30 seconds.

Aquaphysical Live Loosley

I had such a fun time with Aquaphysical yesterday – I’m still buzzing from it! Cannot wait to try it out again.

If you’re interested, there will be more pop up classes coming up around London. Best way to find out when is to email and follow their Instagram for updates.

Aquaphysical Allison Loosley

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