How to Execute an Active Holiday

I’ve always felt that exploring new surroundings is best done from ground-level.

If you’re a runner, put on your runners and run; If you’re a walker, walk; and if you’re a cyclist, grab your bike and ride.

As you may have seen on Instagram/ Facebook, Dan and I are currently in Mallorca!

Port (1)While Dan and Phil train for the Race Across America. Suzanne and I have been exploring the island.

I don’t want this post to spat out facts about the benefits of exercise, the mindfulness gained from travelling or the therapeutic benefits of being outdoors.

We all know these are good things.

I hope this post helps to promote active traveling and that you walk away feeling excited to execute an active holiday.


**I know Dan and I are a bit crazy when it comes to being active as we are often training for an endurance event; so just to be clear I am NOT about to suggest we all go cycle 6hrs a day on holiday… Although if you’re up for it – why not!

Here are a few tips on how to execute an active holiday…

Day 1 in new surroundings – get your bearings

The first full day of sight seeing you have is all about getting your bearings. Learning what you want to see, where things are in relation to your accommodation and generally getting comfortable with foreign surroundings.

  • This day is best spent at a slower pace
  • Bring comfortable walking shoes and your phone for pictures (Instagram priorities!)
  • Try to get out for at least an hour or two
  • Coffee breaks are encouraged
DAY 2 – Up your pace and explore

Whether you’ve travelled to the heart of a city or to the middle of no where, get out for that run/ride. See things you may have otherwise not come across, enjoy the outdoors and a foreign climate, and fit in a workout while you’re at it!

  • Best in the morning (less traffic/ tourists and so it doesn’t take up your whole day)
  • Focus on getting your heart rate up
  • Bring comfortable exercise kit and running shoes
  • Don’t do more than you are used to. If you’re a runner that does 5km only, do a 5km run. If you like long slow runs, go for that. Remember, you’re on holiday – do whatever suits you best. If you’re a walker, time to power walk!
DAY 3/4 – mix it up

You’ve got your bearings, you’ve explored your surroundings and you’ve been active. By this point, you’ll probably have a list of things you’d like to do/ see more of.

What I encourage you to do today and/or tomorrow is get out of your usual routine and do something active that is native to your surroundings: yoga, surfing, rock climbing, scuba diving, stand up paddle boarding, hiking etc etc.

  • Book an active excursion or execute one on your own if it is safe to do so
  • Focus on being open minded and enjoy a new challenge!

My excursion in Mallorca was swimming in the ocean for the first time ever. It is weird how buoyant you are in salt water and a wet suit!

My first swim in an ocean!

Last day – Tactical sight seeing

This is a handy way to wrap up your trip if need be. Dan and I travelled to Rome a couple years ago and only booked to stay for 2 nights. There is SO much to see in Rome so we had a busy agenda. If you have limited time, running and sight seeing is a great way to see some key landmarks in a crunch.


I hope I have inspired your next holiday!! Let me know if you give it a go and what your feedback is 🙂


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