Preparing for the British 10k + Adopt this racing mindset

Vitality British 10K London run

I am officially a race ambassador for the Vitality British 10k this year! Having run in this race before, I’m more than happy to sponsor the event.

With 15,000 runners, the course is a bit crowded at first but the atmosphere and the iconic landmarks that we pass along the way make up for the slow start.

Actually, regardless of the slow start, last year I managed to finish the Vitality British 10k with a personal best! I was completely over the moon about breaking into the ’45 minute club’ with a finish time of 45:30. My personal best prior to that was 46:26, which I had been trying to beat for some time (over two years).

I’ve now realised that I haven’t raced 10km since… which is a little scary. Knowing that I will be on the same course – doing the same distance – at the same time of year… There is no reason I shouldn’t be at least the same speed as last year right? Wrong!

Whether your personal best is on a 5k course, 10k course or longer distances, there are so many factors to consider during a race and you should never start a race with an expectation to perform the same, feel the same or realise the same results that you had in the past.

Here’s how I intend to approach the Vitality British 10k in July this year. A good mindset to have for any race…

Execution vs Expectation:

An executable focus is something you can bring to the forefront of your attention and execute during a race. By focusing on an executable goal, you can positively impact your performance.

Common executable goals for runners are…

  • Stay present
  • Find rhythm
  • Focus on relaxing
  • Breathe
  • Stick your pace and keep it steady
  • Head up – focus on the road ahead

The key thing here is that all of the above goals are entirely in your control and will positively impact your performance if you focus on them.

In contrast, racing with a set of expectations is like dragging along ‘what ifs’ and ‘why nots’ all the way around the course. Expectations are out of your control and they can (and almost always will) negatively impact your race experience.

It is very easy to set expectations – you have to consciously think differently to avoid it.

I learned this racing mentality during my competitive rowing days and it carries a lot of merit for all types of racing.

I have now consciously adopted this mindset in preparation for the Vitality British 10k. I haven’t decided what my executable goals will be yet, but I’ll work them out during training.

If you are considering the race, let me know and we can train together and/or celebrate together after finishing!

Entry’s are now open and you can sign up here.

3 responses to Preparing for the British 10k + Adopt this racing mindset

  1. Amber

    What do I do about cramps? I’ve heard some people push through them. I feel like you could dedicate an article to the cramp battle.. Or perhaps the cramp battle is actually just an “I’m out of shape battle” lol.


    • allisonloosley – Author

      LOL Amber! Cramps will definitely distract your focus during a race and in training. A massive battle and very common. Great idea on doing a separate post on the topic – I haven’t worked out what to write about next, so it might be sooner than you think!!


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