Semi de Paris 2018

My first race in over 10 months! Such a relief to see that my fitness is coming back after only a few months of training. Since December I’ve been focusing on getting back into shape in preparation for Ironman training this year. This race was either going to be a reality check on how unfit I’ve gotten, or an encouraging “pat on the back”. I’m much better with positive reinforcement, so I’m thankful it was the latter!

The Summary

  • Fastest 5k, 1-5km: 23m 23s
  • Slowest 5k, 10-15k: 24m 13s
Total Time: 1h 39m 52s
Average Speed: 4:44 m/km
Gender Position: 414 of 12,498

I totally thought this result was a personal best but my post on the 2016 Kingston Half Marathon has reminded me otherwise… Either way, I’m within seconds of my PB and I’m pretty stoked about it!

semi de paris

OK, first thing’s first… to race at any event in France, you need a doctor’s note. Dan and I left it to the last minute, which meant that it was an absolute scramble to get. I’m sure if you’re more organised it would be a completely different experience.

It was a little awkward for me though… just last week I was diagnosed with Asthma. I had a breathing test that confirmed it and right now they are trying to understand what the right steroid dosage is for me. So at the same time as this (see my first puffer experience below), I’m asking the Doctor to also write a formal letter that I’m fit to race. Just a little contradicting… haha at which point they gave me a second prescription in case I had an attack.

I got the doctor’s note anyway, and I was ready to race!

The plan was, I would race the Semi de Paris but just treat it as a long run… yaaaaa, I got way too excited for that. From the moment I picked up my bib, my plan changed. I needed to race. New plan: beat my half marathon PB.

Except this time do it smart… pace it… don’t fly and die like I usually do. And I feel like I achieved that… check out my Garmin Connect data here.

Turns out this rock didn’t weight me down too much!

It was a great weekend in Paris and a very organised race. Amazing atmosphere with over 44,000 runners registered. You don’t see too many landmarks of the city but you do see the Notre-Dame at about the half way mark.

Not that I was really paying attention…

Exhibit a)

Imagine having to brush that knot out. Ya, singular. My hair in the rain = one massive knot.

Always worth it when you cross the finish line.

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